The Description of the Conference Hall

Konferencia-terem - Conference Hall

Introducing The Conference Hall of Hotel*** Háry Kecskemét

Actually, Hotel*** Háry was built for serving conference tourism. This is the huge advantage why we can offer more than a simple accommodation opportunity for our guests.

Short Description of The Conference Hall

Lit with natural light, the air-conditioned Conference Hall is suitable for hosting 80 people. Having been equipped with the most cutting-edge up-to-date technology, high standards lectures can be held with the help of the built-in projector, DVD-CD player, available computer, HQ sound system and fast Internet-connection.
On the storey there is a section- room (it's air conditioned as well) which is proper for holding e.g. small courses. Additionally, and if you would require, we can provide a band, a qualified host personnel,, a photographer, a flawersbinding, decoration, a confectioner, a hairdresser for the transaction of high standards programs.

For more details, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We do hope you'll be satisfied with our services and you'll come back to us. Thank you for visiting!

The personnel of Hotel*** Háry Kecskemét

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