Conference tariff

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  • Coffee 180 HUF / ration
  • Tea 180 HUF / ration
  • Mineral water 180 HUF / 0,33 bottle
  • Soda 220 HUF / 0,20 bottle
  • Fibrous soft drink 220 HUF / 0,20 bottle
  • Briny biscuits 1600 HUF / kg
  • Sweet biscuits 2000 HUF / kg
  • Fruits 1600 HUF / kg


Simple opened sandwich on white bread:

  • Ham sandwich 180 HUF / piece
    (butter, salad, ham, cucumber, tomato, egg)
  • Cheese sandwich 180 HUF / piece
    (butter, salad, cheese, tomato, cucumber, egg)
  • Clod sandwich 180 HUF / piece
    (butter, salad, boiled smoked clod, tomato, cucumber, egg)
  • Salami sandwich 180 HUF / piece
    (butter, salad, salami, tomato, cucumber, egg)
  • "Hungarian" sandwich 180 HUF / piece
    (butter, paprika salami, cucumber, egg)


Closed sandwich:

  • "Viennese" roll 220 HUF / piece
    (roll, salad, salad, fried pork, cucumber)
  • Chicken roll 220 HUF / piece
    (seedy roll, salad, chicken, mayonnaise, cucumber)


This prices are net, it isn't include the VAT!

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